A few months ago, I created an account on Pinterest; just for looking gardening and terrace ideas for a home project that my husband and I want to start.  And, you know… you start to looking there and “pinned” that and…. with a magical moment I find my first picture with that green, rigid, tiny, stunning plant.

How To Display Succulents: 30 Cute Examples (www.digsdigs.com)


I was so in love with that plant that immediately I download the image to my phone.  I have a good friend who owned a plant nursery business in my hometown.  So, few days later I visited her and show the picture.  She said “Oh, Succulents, follow me..”  And immediately I was in heaven…. 🙂

Jardin Luriam, Aibonito Puerto Rico
Jardin Luriam, Aibonito Puerto Rico


And my passion begins…..

The other day I purchased a planter that it was in sale on Marshalls.  And look what happened when I arrived at home with my NEW planter.


What can I say….. You have to love them!!!!!!!!! 🙂  So, when I could removed my cat…… I  finally can put my succulents and decorate them…

Succulent Planter

You can see, I decorate with some beach rocks (like a zen garden), sea shells, moss (that I found in my garden) and a piece of a wood stick.

And….. in honor to Miso my cat, I add a “cat” decoration..



Pinterest have a lot of ideas with succulents, that sometimes its overwhelming.  But, if you like succulents,  I want to share with you some photos of other blog posts that help me to create some of the arrangements that I have at home….

How to propagate them?  In this web page, Sunset.com can show you how.



In Ruffled.com you can learn how to create stunning centerpiece… like mines 🙂


If you are more visual, like me…. you can create a terrarium like this one….

Succulents Terrarium
Succulents Terrarium – www.huffingtonpost.com

Or…. you can follow my Succulents Pinterest Board and you can access a lot of info… I promise.  🙂

See you next time 🙂