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Spring and Summer Inspiration

Ups, I don’t post anything for a while….sorry for that.   I was a little bit busy, specially on my full time job. You can make plans and sometimes the things doesn’t work. :-(. Such is life!!!

Anyway, I was making some news designs for my Etsy shop. I was tried to made a ballerina dress for the Art Bead Scene April Challenge. But I finished with….

Swimsuit Pendant


A swimsuit pendant !! 🙂 It’s fun, whimsical and adorable!!

I love birds; thats why ArtIncendi logo have a bird design.  The other day I was at my parents house and I saw a “Mariquita Puertorriqueña” this adorable bird is a native bird of Puerto Rico.

Ave Mariquita Puertorriqueña

Thats why I decided to make this fabulous bird toggle clasp. I don’t use a lot the black color for my handmade clasps/supplies/components.  But, honestly I really love how does little bird looks.

Black and yellow bird

I easily get inspired by nature. I lived surrounded by flowers and birds and I used that inspiration to create my pieces.  Puerto Rico have beautiful beaches too;  and the nearest beach it’s about 1 hour and half from my house.

Piñones Puerto Rico
Playa Piñones, Luquillo, Puerto Rico


Spring it a wonderful season but I start to feel a sweet summer breeze 🙂  Here in Puerto Rico, we practically have spring and summer season 365 days of the year!!!

Angel Fish Toggle clasp
Angel Fish Toggle Clasp

So thats maybe the reason that I started to make summer supplies.  This is a lovely fish toggle clasp!! 🙂

Ok, this is everything for now.  I listed all of this supplies (and much more) on my Etsy Shop.  See you there…


Etsy Shop Update








Flowers… My Inspiration

Sometime ago I took these flowers pictures with my Iphone…

Tiny Rose for my Garden

Pom Pom











One is from my garden and another from my Mother’s garden.  I am particularly attracted by nature and most of the time are my inspiration.  Sometimes, when I see beautiful flowers, I took a picture with my phone and share them through ArtIncendi Facebook;  with a special message for my followers.

But for these occasion I get more inspire and create these lovely flower with wire.

Torch Fired Enameled Wire

These lovely flower can be used like pendant or connector.


I made some wonderful beads sets with more flowers and they are available at my Esty Shop.

Flower Bead Set

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Cuando se trabaja en lo que te apasiona/When working in what you love

El pasado sábado, pasé todo el día en casa de mis padres.  Allí estaba mi esposo junto a mi Papá arreglando el auto a mi sobrina.   Y por supuesto, como tengo fiebre tomando fotos (y como a muchos de nosotros nos gustan 🙂 ) llevé la cámara conmigo.

Last Saturday, I spent all day at my parents’ house. My husband was there with my dad fixing the car to my niece. And of course, as I have a fever for taking photos, I took the camera with me.


Ese fin de semana estuvo el bisnieto de mis padres, el gran Joviel.  A quien amamos muchísimo.  Aproveché y le tomé también varias fotos aunque, créanme tomar fotos a niños es un poco complicado…..NO SE ESTAN QUIETOS!!!

That weekend was the  grandson of my parents, the great Joviel. Who we love very much.  I also took several pictures but believe me take photos of children is a bit tricky.


No puedo negar que pasé un día lleno de mucha nostalgia.  Especialmente porque días antes, mi Papá estuvo hospitalizado por síntomas de un ataque cardiaco que, Gracias a Dios no pasó a ser más que un enorme susto. 

I can’t deny that I spent many a day full of nostalgia. Especially since days ago, my Dad was hospitalized for symptoms of a heart attack, thank God not only became a huge scare.


En lo que José, Papi… y por supuesto el gran Joviel “trabajaban” en el auto de mi sobrina, me dediqué a explorar parte del taller de mi Padre.  Hasta que me topé con esta gran mesa desorganizada de las herramientas.  “Qué haces?  Estás asombrada con mi organización!”  Me dice Papi cuando estoy tomando las fotos.

As Jose, Daddy … and of course the great Joviel “worked” in the car, I took my time to explore the workshop of my Father. Until I came across with this great tool disorganized table. “What are you doing? You are surprised at my organization! ” my father said.

Daddy and Jovi

Ja! yo me río porque de organizado, nada que ver!!! Pero cuando capté la foto desde otro punto de vista me hizo reflexionar.

Ha!, I laugh because of organized, nothing to do! But when I picked up the photo from another point of view made ​​me think.


El próximo domingo, 9 de marzo mi amado Padre cumplirá 71 años.  A parte de que no los aparenta, es sorprendente ver cómo aun con mucho ánimo continúa trabajando.  No es la primera vez que nos ha hecho correr al Hospital con varios sustos del corazón… bueno, en total en cuatro ocasiones desde el 2000.  Y le hemos dicho en repetidas ocasiones que por favor, baje la intensidad pero no nos hace caso.

The next Sunday, March 9th my dear Father will be 71.  He looks great and  it’s amazing how even with much spirit continues to work. Not the first time made ​​us run to the Hospital with heart attacks symptoms … well, in total four times since 2000. And we have said repeatedly that please lower the intensity but he doesn’t  listen to us.


Recuerdo que en una ocasión estaba sentado en la mesa comiendo, estábamos todos reunidos hablando del trabajo, las situaciones que están ocurriendo hoy día en nuestro país y lo frustrada que se encuentran muchas personas en la actualidad con sus respectivos trabajos.  Y recuerdo muy bien que mi Padre dijo “Es que uno debe trabajar en lo que te apasiona….”

I remember,  sitting at the table eating, we were all together talking about the work,situations that are happening today in our country and how many people are frustrated with their work.  And I remember very well that my Father said “You must work at what you love ….”

Y ahora que estoy viendo esta foto, entiendo porqué mi amado Padre aun trabaja.  Porque él trabaja en lo que lo apasiona.

And now I’m seeing this photo, I understand why my beloved Father still working. Because he works in what he are passionate about.

Vintage Tools

“Cuando el trabajo es un placer, la vida es un disfrute. Cuando el trabajo es un deber, la vida es esclavizante”  Maxim Gorky

“When work is a pleasure, life is a joy. When work is a duty, life is slavish” Maxim Gorky

Muchos estamos en esa bĂşsqueda.

Many are in that search.

Practice, practice and more practice

The other day, I was practicing for my photography class.  Honestly, sometimes I feel like…. “I don’t know what the h*@# I’m doing!!!”  My Professor says that takes time and a lot of practicing to get that all the information be recorded in your brain.  And he says “You’re doing right.  Just peace yourself and enjoy what your’e doing.”

So, I take his word…. Here’s some pictures… Enjoy!!!


Venus WalkingMy Lovely Venus…. walking to the “camera”


Barranquitas, Puerto Rico

This is the “Downtown” of Barranquitas, Puerto Rico

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