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Nature and Culture : My Country blog hop

I’m a little bit late!  But thank God I’m Here!

Nan Smith, a Canadian bead blogger is hosting the My Country blog today.  The challenge is to use our country as a inspiration. My lovely country is Puerto Rico and, like all of the countries of the world, have a lot of places, views, etc. to get inspired.

I normally mention that I always get inspired by nature.  My hometown is Aibonito and locally is known as “The City of the Flowers”

For this blog hop I want to show some of photos of flowers and how I get inspired to create enameled components for jewelry.

Rose Garden

enameled flower

Green Enameled Flower

I love birdies, and I live surrounded of lovely birds.  Here is a photo of one of our local birds and how I made a lovely toggle clasp.





And to finish this blog hop, I want to share with you my version of the “Three Wise Men”  or  “Los Tres Reyes Magos”


Tres Reyes Magos


We celebrate The Three Wise Men day on January 6.  Some people said that we have the longest christmas season in the world.  We start to celebrating on Thanksgiving Day until January 6.

Thank you so much for visit my blog….. And now; I invite you to visit the rest of the participants…..


Hostess: Nan Smith (Canada)            

Ana (Portugal)                                       

Rita (Orlando)                                       

Dini (The Netherlands)                       

Robin Reed (Indiana)                          

Lilik Kristiana (Indonesia )                

Karla Morgan (Texas)                          

Karen Mitchell (South Australia)      

Jayne Capps (Oklahoma)                    

Melissa Trudinger (Australia)            

Johana Nunez (Puerto Rico)                 (This is Me 🙂

Kepi (Alberta)                                         

Deb Fortin (Ontario)                             

Divya (India)                                           

Tammy Adams (Arizona)                     

Kay Thomerson (Texas)                       

Bairozan (Bulgaria)                               

Carolyn’s Creations                               

Lecia Woessner (New Orleans)          

Linda A. (Wash. D.C.                            

Inge Van Roos (California)                  

Natalie (New Zealand)                         

Lori Schneider                                       

Mary Harding (New York)                  

Bouchra Rebai (Algeria)                      

Michelle McCarthy (Florida )             

Casa Federico Degetau, Aibonito Puerto Rico

Les comento que desde hace mucho en mi corazón, rondaban dos deseos que anhelaba fervientemente.  De esas cosas que en ocasiones te hacen decir…. “me gustaría caminar por la plaza del pueblo, hace mucho que no lo hago” o  de esas que tal vez “deseo lanzarme en paracaídas”… Pues, así me encontraba yo desde hace algún tiempo.  Casualmente ayer tuve el privilegio de cumplir uno de ellos, el cual era visitar la Casa Museo Federico Degetau.

Les advierto que no soy una fotógrafa profesional.  Pero, aun así deseo compartir con ustedes algunas fotos que tomé de esa agradable visita que pude dar a la Casa Museo.







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