Finally….. They Are Here :-)

I’m so happy!! ūüôā ¬†Finally the beads that my fabulous partner Nan Smith, has arrived from Canada. ¬†Here is what she sent me….


I love the color combination of everything. And Nan is so sweet, and she sent me a lovely postcard with the Canada Flag and a lot of stickers with the same theme!! And to be more excited, Nan sent me a lovely pair of earrings just for me!!!!


Thank You so much Nan! ¬†ūüôā ¬†But , let me show you what I sent to Nan

DSC_0004 DSC_0005 DSC_0008 DSC_0009 DSC_0010


Please, don’t forget the reveal day; May 2, 2015. ¬†And you can see the designs ūüôā

Succulents…My Passion

A few months ago, I created an account on Pinterest; just for looking gardening and terrace ideas for a home project that my husband and I want to start. ¬†And, you know… you start to looking there and “pinned” that and…. with a magical moment I find my first picture with that green, rigid, tiny, stunning plant.

How To Display Succulents: 30 Cute Examples (


I was so in love with that plant that immediately I download the image to my phone. ¬†I have a good friend who owned a plant nursery business in my hometown. ¬†So, few days later I visited her and show the picture. ¬†She said “Oh, Succulents, follow me..” ¬†And immediately I was in heaven…. ūüôā

Jardin Luriam, Aibonito Puerto Rico
Jardin Luriam, Aibonito Puerto Rico


And my passion begins…..

The other day I purchased a planter that it was in sale on Marshalls.  And look what happened when I arrived at home with my NEW planter.


What can I say….. You have to love them!!!!!!!!! ūüôā ¬†So, when I could removed my cat…… I ¬†finally can put my succulents and decorate them…

Succulent Planter

You can see, I decorate with some beach rocks (like a zen garden), sea shells, moss (that I found in my garden) and a piece of a wood stick.

And….. in honor to Miso my cat, I add a “cat” decoration..



Pinterest have¬†a lot of ideas with succulents, that sometimes its overwhelming.¬† But, if you like succulents, ¬†I want to share with you some photos of¬†other blog posts that help me to create some of the arrangements that I have at home….

How to propagate them?  In this web page, can show you how.



In you can learn how to create stunning centerpiece… like mines ūüôā


If you are more visual, like me…. you can¬†create a terrarium like this one….

Succulents Terrarium
Succulents Terrarium –

Or…. you can follow my Succulents Pinterest Board and you can access a lot of info… I promise. ¬†ūüôā

See you next time ūüôā



My Partner for the Bead Peeps Swap and Hop

Bead Peeps 2015 Blog Hop Badge


I signed up to a new challenge The Bead Peeps Swap and Hop; hosted by a wonderful Facebook group that I really enjoy so much.  Recently the partners was announced and I have the honor to be paired with a wonderful and super talented lady Nan Smith.

Nan Etsy Shop
Nan Smith Jewelry Etsy Shop – Rustic, bohemian style earrings


Nan is from Canada and she is the host of My Country Blog Hop, that I participated the last year and really enjoyed.  She has been making jewelry for 4 years and recently start to making beads and components in polymer clay.  Now she said, she is addicted to polymer clay!  I think everybody has something to be addicted or feel in love with.

Nan Polymer Clay Bead
Nan’s Polymer Clay Beads


Nan worked as a nurse for 38 years and now she is retired. ¬†So she have good time to make polymer clay beads and beautiful jewelry…. and may the Lord gives her much more ūüôā

Nan Head Pins
Nan Polymer Clay Head Pins

I didn’t visit Canada yet (who know… someday) but I always remember an oral report that I have to make for school. ¬†And the first time that I saw the flag of Canada, I fall in love with that beautiful maple leaf. ¬† I don’t know why; but the image¬†always comes to my mind.

Canada Flag
Canada Flag, Nan’s Country



Thats all for now, but stay tuned to my next post. ¬†I’ll been “showing” what I’ll be sending to my lovely partner but Shhhhhhh!!!¬†¬†she does not find out. It will be a secret between us!! :))))

Last Etsy Shop Update for 2014!!!

Coqu√≠….. Wow!!!! It has been a while since my last post ūüôĀ ¬†So, I think it’s time to put the things in place¬†and start to writing again. ¬†A lot of things happened during this time (and I like to share in another post) ¬†But for now I want to show you¬†my last Etsy shop for this year!!

You may notice a few changes… Yeah, I change the background for the pictures and I incorporate new techniques ūüôā

Art Incendi
Art Incendi


Thank you so much for stopping by !! ¬†Mery Xmas and Happy New Year!! ūüôā

Nature and Culture : My Country blog hop

I’m a little bit late! ¬†But thank God I’m Here!

Nan Smith, a Canadian bead blogger is hosting the My Country blog today.  The challenge is to use our country as a inspiration. My lovely country is Puerto Rico and, like all of the countries of the world, have a lot of places, views, etc. to get inspired.

I normally mention that I always get inspired by nature. ¬†My hometown is Aibonito and locally is known as “The City of the Flowers”

For this blog hop I want to show some of photos of flowers and how I get inspired to create enameled components for jewelry.

Rose Garden

enameled flower

Green Enameled Flower

I love birdies, and I live surrounded of lovely birds.  Here is a photo of one of our local birds and how I made a lovely toggle clasp.





And to finish this blog hop, I want to share with you my version of the “Three Wise Men” ¬†or ¬†“Los Tres Reyes Magos”


Tres Reyes Magos


We celebrate The Three Wise Men day on January 6.  Some people said that we have the longest christmas season in the world.  We start to celebrating on Thanksgiving Day until January 6.

Thank you so much for visit my blog….. And now; I invite you to visit the rest of the participants…..


Hostess: Nan Smith (Canada)            

Ana (Portugal)                                       

Rita (Orlando)                                       

Dini (The Netherlands)                       

Robin Reed (Indiana)                          

Lilik Kristiana (Indonesia )                

Karla Morgan (Texas)                          

Karen Mitchell (South Australia)      

Jayne Capps (Oklahoma)                    

Melissa Trudinger (Australia)            

Johana Nunez (Puerto Rico)¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†(This is Me ūüôā

Kepi (Alberta)                                         

Deb Fortin (Ontario)                             

Divya (India)                                           

Tammy Adams (Arizona)                     

Kay Thomerson (Texas)                       

Bairozan (Bulgaria)                               

Carolyn’s Creations                               

Lecia Woessner (New Orleans)          

Linda A. (Wash. D.C.                            

Inge Van Roos (California)                  

Natalie (New Zealand)                         

Lori Schneider                                       

Mary Harding (New York)                  

Bouchra Rebai (Algeria)                      

Michelle McCarthy (Florida )             

Waxed Linen Jewelry Blog Hop

Some time ago I bought¬†some waxed linen cord. ¬†And honestly I had completely forgotten. Thats why when I saw that Diana P. from Suburban Girl Studio, decided to host a jewelry blog hop using waxed linen cord¬†I didn’t think twice to participate.

So, this is my first time using waxed linen cord for my jewelry design.

First Design Waxed Linen Cord

For my first design I used Jade Scott‘s strand connector

First design waxed linen

First Design


And my second design…


Second Piece


For this design I used one of my enameled wire pendant with waxed linen cord and czech bead.



Second Piece


And now my third design…

Third Piece

Here I used a ceramic bird from Back Bay Pottery and enameled beads


Third piece


Third Piece


And thats all for now. ūüôā ¬†Hope you like the design. ¬†And¬†don’t forget to visit the others participant’s blogs.



Diana Ptaszynski

Kelsy Vincent

Susan Kennedy

Linda Landig

Kashmira Patel

Jenny Davies-Reazor

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Sandi Volpe

Toltec Jewels

Michelle Mach

Jen Cameron

Dorothy Winchell

Darlene Mansue

Cory Tompkins


Reveal Day: 8th Bead Soup Blog Party

Welcome to the most exciting Blog Party in the jewelry/artist designer’s industry…. The 8th Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal Date!!!

Today approximately 490 artist and designers enjoy a virtual party when every participant presents their creativity making wonderful jewelry pieces.  And everything is possible thanks to the wonderful lady Lori Anderson.

This is my first Party and it was so remarkable.  For this occasion I have been honor to participate to this Blog Party with my lovely partner Judy Riggs.   We swap beads and want to show you what I sent to her…..

What I sent BSBP
The Soup that I sent to my partner Judy Riggs

And Judy sent me these fabulous beads ……

This is the soup that I received from Judy.

The first thing that I see in these beads was the colors.  So rich and bright that inspire me, not only to make the BSBP final pieces, but also inspired to play with other colors combination for my own designs, like this flower that I made.

Torch Fired Enameled Wire
I create this enameled wire pendant flower, inspired by the colors of the soup.

The other thing is my first time to make pieces with lampwork beads.¬† I‚Äôve been hoarding some lampwork bead for a while.¬† I love them but I found that I was having problems to incorporate them to my pieces.¬† But now I have the wonderful time and opportunity to play with some of them. And¬†what better to do with the beads that Judy sent me!! ūüôā

This is what I finally create!! ūüôā


BSBP Final Piece Full
First Piece is a Necklace.


Close Up BSBP
One side lampwork beads


Pendant BSBP
Enameled wire with lampwork bead pendant.


Other View BSBP
Rubber links at the other side of the necklace.


Form Wearing Necklace
Full view of the necklace


Bracelet BSBP
Second piece a bracelet with lampwork beads, rubber jump rings and Czech beads.


Bracelet BSBP
A bird toggle clasp.

Don’t forget what Judy Riggs create with what I sent her. ¬†Visit her blog here.


Want to see what the others artist/designers create?  Click here:

Thank You so much for stopping by! ūüôā




AJE April Component of the Month Reveal

I’m thrilled!! Today I am joining in with the Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month and I was one of the lucky winner of one of those beautiful button clasp made by the fabulous artist Lesley Watt from THEA ¬†Elements.

(Estoy muy emocionada!!  Hoy formo parte del challenge de Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month.  Afortunadamente fui una de las ganadoras de uno de esto hermosos botones creados por la artista Lesley Watt the THEA ELEMENTS.)


Art Jewelry Elements Monthly Challenge


It’s very special when you received a component of a wonderful and very talent artist like Lesly. ¬†And at the same time, generate a little bit of pressure because you want to exalt how special is. ¬†Here is the button clasp that I received from Lesley:

(Es super especial cuando recibes un componente de una artista tan talentosa como Lesley y a la vez te genera un poco de presión, porque deseas exaltar a traves de tu pieza lo especial que es.  Lesley me envio este hermoso botón.)


My Button Clasp
The Button Clasp

Initially I thought to create a bracelet, but indeed I wish to create a piece where the button clasp was the protagonist.  So finally I decided to create a long necklace where the button clasp was the focal bead or pendant.  Here is what I finally create.

(Inicialmente, me senti tentada en crear un pulsera, pero internamente deseaba crear una pieza en donde el boton sea el protagonista central de todo el conjunto. ¬†Por lo que finalmente decidi crear con el un collar y que el boton sea el punto focal. ¬†Esto fue los que finalmente dise√Ī√©:)



Final 2
My Design


I decided to create a enameled wire pendant where I could “insert” the button clasp in the center. ¬†In that way, both the wire pendant and the button be the perfect focal pendant. ¬†Later, I add some Czech flowers at the back with some wax linen cord, copper chain with Czech seed beads and a little yellow enameled bird.

(Decidi crear una base en alambre esmaltado y a su vez logre insertar el boton en el centro.  Asi el boton junto con el alambre esmaltado se convirtieron en el conjunto perfecto de un focal pendant.  Utilize ademas unas pequenas flores checas que cuelgan en la parte posterior, junto con czech seed beads colgando en la cadena y una pequena ave esmaltada en color amarillo.  Basta con decir que es la primera vez que trabajo con una cerradura en forma de boton.  Ademas de ser un reto super especial)



Super Closeup
Button and Enameled Wire


Bird Closeup
Enameled Birdie


Other Closeup
My Design

Thanks to Lesley Watt and whole team of AJE for allowing me to participate in such an exciting challenge and be in the company of such a talented group of artists and designers. I wish you many blessings and success in your work. I invite you to visit the others partners blog.

(Gracias a Lesley Watt y a equipo completo de AJE por permitirme participar en tan emocionante reto y estar acompanada de tan talentoso grupo de artistas y disenadoras. Les deseo muchas bendiciones y exito en su trabajo. Les invito a que visiten el resto de los blogs de los participantes.)


Johana Nunez¬†– This is me!! ūüôā
Leah Curtis
Perri Jackson

AJE Team
Lesley Watt
Keirsten Giles
Caroline Dewison
Rebekah Payne
Jjenny Davies-Reazor
Jen Cameron
Diana Ptaszynski
Kristen Stevens
Francesca Watson
Melissa Meman
Linda Landig
Sue Kennedy


AJE Component of the Month Challenge


Thanks for your visit! ūüôā

(Gracias por visitar mi pagina.) ūüôā

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