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New Beads Sets in Art Incendi Etsy Shop

During this weekend, I was making several beads sets with the themes of spring and… why not,  summer.  I love all the seasons of the year, but spring and summer are my favorites.

Oh!!!  I have to be honest, right here in Puerto Rico, we don’t have a “seasons transitions”.  Living in the caribbean has its advantages!! 🙂

All beads sets are available in Esty.

HandMade enameled Bird


This is little bird was cut by hand from a copper sheet and then enameled using a torch fired; by hand too.

Enameled Brass Sea HorseThis set is a enameled sea horse brass stamping.

Brass See Shell EnameledThis set is a enameled sand dollar.

Enameled Brass Butterfly

A lovely enameled brass butterfly.

Under the Sea 3

And finally, this set is a enameled brass sea shell.

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