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Spring and Summer Inspiration

Ups, I don’t post anything for a while….sorry for that.   I was a little bit busy, specially on my full time job. You can make plans and sometimes the things doesn’t work. :-(. Such is life!!!

Anyway, I was making some news designs for my Etsy shop. I was tried to made a ballerina dress for the Art Bead Scene April Challenge. But I finished with….

Swimsuit Pendant


A swimsuit pendant !! 🙂 It’s fun, whimsical and adorable!!

I love birds; thats why ArtIncendi logo have a bird design.  The other day I was at my parents house and I saw a “Mariquita Puertorriqueña” this adorable bird is a native bird of Puerto Rico.

Ave Mariquita Puertorriqueña

Thats why I decided to make this fabulous bird toggle clasp. I don’t use a lot the black color for my handmade clasps/supplies/components.  But, honestly I really love how does little bird looks.

Black and yellow bird

I easily get inspired by nature. I lived surrounded by flowers and birds and I used that inspiration to create my pieces.  Puerto Rico have beautiful beaches too;  and the nearest beach it’s about 1 hour and half from my house.

Piñones Puerto Rico
Playa Piñones, Luquillo, Puerto Rico


Spring it a wonderful season but I start to feel a sweet summer breeze 🙂  Here in Puerto Rico, we practically have spring and summer season 365 days of the year!!!

Angel Fish Toggle clasp
Angel Fish Toggle Clasp

So thats maybe the reason that I started to make summer supplies.  This is a lovely fish toggle clasp!! 🙂

Ok, this is everything for now.  I listed all of this supplies (and much more) on my Etsy Shop.  See you there…


Etsy Shop Update








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