Yay!!  My soup from my partner Judith Riggs has arrived!!! Everything was packed so gently and delightful!!!

Opening My  Soup :)

When I opened every single box, more excitement!!! The combination of colors, the delicate and elegant of the beads… absolutely gorgeous!!!

BSBP Open :)

All the beads and the components are completely new for me and I’ve never worked before….  Something completely out of the box!!

Did you see the rubber rings….. and the “snow flakes”?   Oh, those lovely lampworked beads!!!! 🙂

Bead Soup Blog Party

Lovely! 🙂

Bead Soup Blog Party

A lot of ideas rounding my head right now…that I need to start making the designs…..

I have to go… see you on my next post!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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