The day is here… Reveal Day! ?  First of all is you want to read the first part of this story click here to meet my lovely partner Joanne Louvaine Beel from Twinkiedinky.  So first of all I want to show you what I sent to Joanne…



I sent to Joanne a spring theme with Czech, lampwork bead and a lovely enameled bird pendant.

Now, I want to show you what Janne sent me ?


Everything is perfect!!!!  Joanne was so careful with every single detail.  When I opened the package, I felt that I was opening a magic box.  🙂  Every single bead is so delicate that I decide to create a simple but elegante necklace…




And… a beautiful pair of earrings with Joanne gorgeous wings components… 🙂


Well, I hope you enjoy this post.  Please don’t forget to visit the Joanne’s blog to see what she create with the beads I sent to her.

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  1. SWOON! First off, the packages you sent each other are just so lovely. I’m in love with the layered necklace you created. It’s delicate and feminine and just plain beautiful. Those wings of hers are mesmerizing and intimidating, and you worked with them so well. Thanks for the eye-candy!!

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